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about Xuybit

About: XuyBit Limited

Profit from digital assets without much knowledge. Our traders and analysts will conduct all necessary trading operations with an in-depth analysis of the current market situation.
Our company provides a unique opportunity for passive income on the Internet. Trust management of finances is not available to ordinary investors and, moreover, this business is characterized by a high entry threshold and a strict selection of clients.
Incredible opportunities for co-activated investments of our clients supported by unique technical solutions.
We are leading experts in high-yield digital asset trading. We use reliable, efficient, and secure investment solutions. Right now you have a unique opportunity to become a part of our team and dive with us into the world of digital assets.

partner program: Commission up to 15%

  • 7% level 1

    4% level 2

    2% level 3
  • 1% level 4

    0.7% level 5

    0.3% level 6

schedule Bitcoin: live